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If we are peaceful, the world is peaceful.
Now we know.
Distributor of peace and nepali music.

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LUNGTA is a distributor of Nepalese music which is situated in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Lungta is delivering Nepalese music all over the world being as a partner of Record Company and Artists of Nepal.

Challenge of Lungta

Lungta is working to provide various genres and many titles music of Nepal everywhere everyone using WEB.
And we are dealing with new record company and New Artist for the supporting to deliver new music.
Lungta is also planning to make an own original music album in near future.

Short introduction of Lungta

Lungta Pvt.Ltd is established by Kiran Karki and Yasumasa Kumagai in 2006.Initially Lungta began to deliver Nepali radio Music program of HBC94 FM of Nepal through WEB for free. After the closing of HBC94 FM, we motivated to deliver the Music Album as a business. We became success to get ISRC for the first time in Nepal on 2007, we make contract with iTunes Music Store as a content provider. Now we are delivering various Music through iTunes Music Store.

For those who want to join with Lungta

Lungta is actively working for deliver Nepalese Music, Culture as well as peace around the world. We want to thank for all the partner company, artists and all the supporter of Lungta.

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