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Pema Wangdi Lama

pema_wangdi_lama.jpg Pema Wangdi Lama's musical journey began more than two decades back; however, he took to serious compositions, arrangements and live performances by forming the Nepali pop-rock band East Enders which bagged various awards at prestigious music concerts in Kathmandu and came out with the album "Raat".
The band was later rechristened to KOHO ? with some changes in the line up and released a video before launching their debut album. The credit for almost all the compositions and arrangements goes solely to him. These albums proved to be a considerable success. His music career took a deviation from his mostly Nepali composition based bands when he became part of the Tibetan fusion band Shambala. The band not only became an instant hit among the Tibetan-speaking community but also in the western world. This gave him and the band a platform to tour India and Europe; not to mention the countless successful concerts at home in Nepal .
Pema is a seasoned musician whose journey in music has seen him through pop, rock, fusion; from western to Nepali and Tibetan. His musical know how combined with his technical aptitude has led him to experiment with the latest advents in music software and equipments and this finally encouraged him to set a studio with a partner. After having done so, he has helped various Tibetan artistes to release long overdue albums. He has not only lent his technical support but has also been instrumental in helping them compose and arrange their material and even play some instruments in some of these albums. In addition, he has been recently successful in releasing a worldwide Buddhist chant album and the response has been enthusiastic. His work in such a category can be classified in the following ways:

Album List

Album Buddhist Incantations 2

Buddhist Incantations 2

Album Buddhist Incantations 3

Buddhist Incantations 3

Album Buddhist Longlife Supplications

Buddhist Longlife Supplic..

Album Meditative Buddhist Chants 2-Part II

Meditative Buddhist Chant..

Album Dro-La Kun-Phen Choe-Kyi Dara-Yang

Dro-La Kun-Phen Choe-Kyi ..

Album Sol-Deb


Album Buddhist Incantations

Buddhist Incantations

Album Meditative Buddhist Chants

Meditative Buddhist Chant..

Album Chants of Milarelpa

Chants of Milarelpa