Nepal Music

If we are peaceful, the world is peaceful.
Now we know.
Distributor of peace and nepali music.

Nepal is a birth place of god Buddha. Mostly,Buddhism and Hinduism are in this country, many Nepali follow both religious traditions. Buddha’s eyes of Stupa are watching every direction and prayers sound is overflowing from Gompas nearby Buddha stupa. We can heal our heart decreasing the light of room, burning the incense and listening monk music after closing our eyes.

Meditation The New Arrivals

Album Buddhist Incantations 2
Album Buddhist Incantations 3
Album Buddhist Longlife Supplications
Album Meditative Buddhist Chants 2-Part II
Album Chyo Chog
Album Sound of Wisdom
Album Dro-La Kun-Phen Choe-Kyi Dara-Yang
Album Sound Of Dhoni Patra
Album Peace Melody
Album Wa-Om

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